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vegan cookery
vegan cooking

Do you want to learn all about a vegan diet?


Are you interested in finding out if veganism is for you and if there is any benefits in learning more about the health benefits of vegan cooking?

Many people are trying a vegan lifestyle and have changed their diet to embrace this new way of eating.

There have been all kinds of claims made about the health benefits of a vegan way of life:

  • improve your energy levels
  • boost your immunity
  • detox your body.

It is all so confusing and maybe you don’t know if it is for you. So this is why I have found about this amazing  1 month Vegan challenge. A dietary scheme where you try it for 1 month and see if you like it.

This 1 month Vegan Challenge is full of daily meal plans that will help you get through the first month and build the eating habits that keep you on track.

“Over the next 28 days, your body will enjoy a greater variety of vitamins and minerals and your reduced consumption of animal products will have a positive effect on the environment.”

You will learn how to put together delicious meat-free, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes to help you improve your health.

It is so easy as everything is done for you. You’re never confused or left to figure things out for yourself.

Why not try the 1 month vegan challenge NOW by clicking on the “Yes I do” button

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Vegan Recipes lifestyle

Exciting way to get vegan recipes if you are thinking of going vegan or bored with the same old meal plans.

These exciting vegan recipes will expand your knowledge of veganism and banish boredom.

Do you know why many people quit or never even start being vegans? It’s simply, because they think eating all-veggie based diet is really hard to maintain over the long haul, and worry it will becomes boring.

“When you continue to eat one or two foods over and over again, you just get bored after sometimes. ….” (anon)

Now with the 1 month vegan challenge with it’s 60 different recipes to choose from, it is so much easier to stay on the vegan diet. Stay happy and excited about your food and achieve result faster.

vegan cookery recipes
vegan cookery – 1 month vegan challenge

Claims for benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

  • detoxing your body.
  • raising your immunity levels.
  • getting more vitality.
  • can contribute to losing weight.

Never again get bored with a vegan based diet! “I strongly believe that soon you finally achieve your ideal weight and the body of your dreams”.  But this will only happen if you take the 1 month vegan challenge.

With over 60 Recipes, you have more than enough ideas to keep you going!

Nutrition and fitness expert Justin Kaye has taken all the guesswork out of making it easy to become a vegan.

He has laid out each day with a meal plan, grocery lists, and plenty of vegan recipes for anyone interested in a plant-based lifestyle.

This offer of the “1 Month Vegan Challenge”  is designed for optimum nutrition and weight loss, just for you. From the most satisfying fat-fueled breakfasts to the easiest sugar-free desserts, The 1 Month Vegan Challenge makes low-carb eating effortless and delicious.

Start right and stay on track with the right cookbook and tips for thriving as a vegan. Prepare and cook recipes in less than 5 minutes in the morning before you head out for work and have delicious food throughout the day.

Start The 1 Month Vegan Challenge Today!

There is the added bonus in the scientists believe a plant based diet is the best way to help reduce global warming and is good for the environment.


1 month vegan challenge

Why not take the 1 Month Vegan challenge and see if it is for you.

So you want to learn more about Vegan cooking

1 Month Vegan Challenge

Have you thought about going Vegan but thought your life would be difficult with all the different cooking methods and having to change your kitchen –

Let me take you on a little trip to explain why taking up the challenge could be for you..

One reason people adopt a vegan lifestyle is to prevent a tremendous amount of animal slaughter and suffering. It offers a potent way to shrink our environmental footprint, especially in regard to climate change.

Plus a well-planned vegan diet can fuel the highest levels of fitness and go towards reducing our risk of various chronic diseases.

The added bonus is the food is insanely delicious and it has become more widely available in the supermarkets and shops.

Vegan diets exclude all foods produced by or derived from animals: meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, and honey.

Conversely, you could define veganism as a diet based entirely on plants. A “whole foods, plant-based diet” is often used to describe an approach that includes fewer processed foods, and places a greater emphasis on fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds.

Find out the shocking reason why people fail at a Vegan diet

Eating more fruits and vegetables can significantly reduce risk of chronic disease. And of course, plant-based diets also go towards saving farm animals from slaughter, with the added bonus that it will contribute towards protecting the environment by cutting down your carbon footprint.

So why not take the 1 month vegan challenge and see if it is for you